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Event Tuesday 6 June @ 18:45, Central London - Keeping America Competitive - doing business in the Trump era

The markets reacted positively after the inauguration of President Trump, but retreated upon the announcement of Trump’s proposed tax plan didn’t provide the expected detail. With a call to “Buy American and Hire American” what does that mean for foreign investment into the United States during the Trump era, any beyond. What does it mean for the global competitiveness of the country moving forward?

Join us to discuss this and more with Courtney Fingar, editor-in-chief of fDi Magazine – a specialist publication from the Financial Times that reports on international investment. She will present an analysis of the impact of the current US administration’s policies on the country’s investment competitiveness and its prospects for attracting foreign investment.


To ensure the voice of Americans living overseas is heard by policy makers in Washington, D.C. on domestic and foreign affairs, which directly affect the security and welfare of American citizens abroad.



Every vote counts and every American has the right to representation in the law making process. AVI will fight to ensure all votes are treated equally.



The voice of Americans living internationally should be heard and acted upon by policy makers in Washington. AVI will ensure that policy makers are held to account and speak regularly with Americans overseas.


The US should lead from the front in protecting us from those who seek to harm the pursuit of democracy, liberty and freedom. AVI will advocate to ensure that foreign policy is informed and firm in its resolve.


The US must invest and promote a global economy through free trade and updated taxation policies. AVI will fight for a tax code that isn’t prohibitive to Americans being global citizens.

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