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Events and fundraising volunteers

We are seeking someone to assist over the summer period to assist with organizing events and fundraising outreach to American citizens in London and via the web with politicians, leaders and other key figures. This role can be done remotely with occasional meetings in person with members of the Executive Board.

Legislative outreach volunteers

We are seeking someone to help us with organizing outreach for the next legislative session to begin in the autumn. This would include coordinating efforts with other American citizen groups in the UK and abroad, as well as, compiling research figures for use in materials.

This role can be done remotely with occasional meetings in person with members of the Executive Board.

Do you have other skills?

AVIPAC is volunteer-driven and all of our money raised goes directly into activities to amplify American Voices living internationally. No members of our Board are paid, they are all volunteers, so come join the fun and commit to #RaiseYourVoice over the summer and let our policy makers in DC hear you!

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Keeping America Competitive – doing business in the Trump era

The markets reacted positively after the inauguration of President Trump, but retreated upon the announcement of Trump’s proposed tax plan didn’t provide the expected detail.

With a call to “Buy American and Hire American” what does that mean for foreign investment into the United States during the Trump era, any beyond. What does it mean for the global competitiveness of the country moving forward?

Join us to discuss this and more with Courtney Fingar, editor-in-chief of fDi Magazine – a specialist publication from the Financial Times that reports on international investment. She will present an analysis of the impact of the current US administration’s policies on the country’s investment competitiveness and its prospects for attracting foreign investment.

About Courtney:

Courtney Fingar is editor-in-chief of fDi Magazine, a specialist publication from the Financial Times that reports on international investment. A native of the US, she has lived in the UK since 2001 and worked at the Financial Times since 2004. In her role, she has been on assignment to nearly 80 countries and interviewed numerous heads of state as well as business leaders around the world. She also serves as head of content for fDi Intelligence, a dedicated division of the Financial Times focused on foreign direct investment. She is an in-demand commentator on international business and investment and frequent public speaker.


Tickets are £2 in advance and £5 at the door, this small fee helps AVIPAC continue to provide events of the highest quality with policy makers and influencers across the globe and in Washington DC.

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What can we expect from the first 100 days of President Trump?

In 2016 we witnessed one of the most personal and vicious Presidential campaigns in recent memory. The result left the world in shock and much of the United States divided.

As President-elect, Donald Trump said, “I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be President for all of Americans, and this is so important to me. For those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country.” (read the full speech here)

With Hillary Clinton having one the popular vote and Donald Trump the electoral college, will he be able to “unify our great country”? Does he have the mandate?

With his cabinet in place and the Inauguration complete, what will be the first order of business? We will look forward to the next 100 days and beyond at what a Trump Presidency will prioritize. We will try to seek answers to questions of what this means for American ex-pats and what we can do to make sure our voice is heard in the corridors of power in Washington, D.C.

Speakers to be announced soon.





The Road to 270

270 electoral votes are required to become President of the United States. There have been a lot of projections of the distribution of electoral votes and interactive maps for you to examine every possible outcome (here’s one).

The election is in its final days – the debates are over, the ‘October Surprises’ keep coming and early voting has begun, but what next?

Join us and our expert panel next Wednesday 26 October in Westminster (details shared to attendees) to examine the polls – who is voting for who, can we even trust polls this year?; the historical perspective – has there ever been an election like this? have Americans overseas ever made a difference?; the fallout – Can the new president work with Congress? Will there be a split in the parties?


AVI on Newsweek’s Foreign Service Podcast

AVI Chairman, Stacy Hilliard and LSE Fellow Brian Klass discuss the global anti-establishment phenomenon and third parties, independent candidates, their role, and if they have a chance in the 2016 election.

DNC Convention in Philadelphia 2016Republican Convention in Cleveland 2016


AVI will be taking calls from both the Republican and Democrat conventions to hear straight from the floor the latest news and updates. All supporters of AVI are invited to attend the calls – to support AVI simply donate here

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ISIS protest


AVI will be hosting an evening discussion on ISIS. Final guest panel and more information

to be announced shortly.

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Our Friends at The Bow Group in London have kindly opened up an Invitation to us to join them at their forthcoming Event as outlined below.

Dear AVIPAC Member,

We have been invited by our Friends at The Bow Group and Mr. Andrew Rosindell MP to the Bow Group & Embassy of Israel in London’s debate event on The Future of British-Israeli Relations.

The event will take place on Tuesday 12th July, 19:30pm – 21:30pm at Committee Room 18, Palace of Westminster, SW1A 0AA.

The Bow Group are delighted to announce that the event’s panel will consist of The Rt Hon. The Lord Trimble, former First Minister of Northern Ireland, and the Israeli Political Counsellor, Mr. Christian Cantor.

The event will amicably discuss what the EU Referendum’s result means for the British-Israeli bi-lateral relationship and how the on-going situation in the Middle East impacts upon this.

As always, AVIPAC Members will be made most welcome at this event.

To confirm your attendance, please register directly for free at: Eventbrite – The Future of British-Israeli Relations To add the event to your Facebook calendar, please visit: Facebook – The Future of British-Israeli Relations


The Bow Group is a leading conservative think tank based in London. Founded in 1951, the Bow Group is the oldest conservative think tank in the UK and exists to publish the research of its members, stimulate policy debate through an events programme and to provide an intellectual home to conservatives. Although firmly housed in the conservative family, the Bow Group does not take a corporate view and it represents all strands of conservative opinion.

The Group’s Patrons are Lord Lamont, Lord Tebbit, Dr David Starkey & Professor Roger Scruton.

The Group’s Parliamentary Board consists of Lord Tebbit, David Davis MP, Sir Gerald Howarth MP, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, Daniel Hannan MEP, Dominic Grieve MP, David Rutley MP, John Redwood MP, Dr. Philip Lee MP and Adam Afriyie MP.

Bow Group 14 June invite



Dear AVIPAC Friend,

Our Friends at The Bow Group in London have kindly opened up an Invitation to us to join them at their forthcoming Event as outlined below.

We are cordially invited by Mr. Andrew Rosindell MP to the Bow Group’s event on Brexit.

The event will take place on Tuesday, 14th June, 17:30pm – 19:30pm at the Wilson Committee Room, Portcullis House, Bridge Street, London SW1A 2LW.

The Bow Group are delighted to announce that the event will feature a keynote address from the Bow Group’s Senior Patron, The Rt Hon. The Lord Tebbit of Chingford CH, with speeches by Andrew Rosindell MP, The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP and The Rt Hon. Peter Lilley MP.

The event will be the last to be held in Parliament on the EU Referendum and will serve to bolster both support and the arguments for leaving the European Union during the last days before the Referendum.

To confirm your attendance, please register directly at:
Eventbrite – Leavers’ Day Brexit Rally

To add the event to your Facebook calendar, please visit:
Facebook – Leavers’ Day Brexit Rally





We welcomed former Congressman Mark Kennedy and pollster Jim McLaughlin who discussed the current state of affairs in the US election and what it all means. A reception to followed allowing attendees to discuss the issue and time to ask questions to the speakers about how the election and other issues affects those overseas.

Guest speakers (via Skype):

Former Congressman Mark Kennedy (R-MN) – President-elect of the University of North Dakota and currently leads George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management; Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Chairman of the Economic Club of Minnesota; author of the upcoming book “Engaging to Win – When to Collaborate, When to Compete, How to Succeed at Both”; Kennedy‘s record of collaboration includes partnering as a Republican Congressman with 20 Democrats to lead legislation, more than half the Democrats in the U.S. House co-sponsored and nearly all voted for legislation he introduced.

John McLaughlin, pollster  – CEO and partner at McLaughlin& Associates; John has worked professionally as a strategic consultant and pollster for over 30 years. During this time he has earned a reputation for helping some of America’s most successful corporations and winning some of the toughest elections in the nation. His political clients have included former Presidential candidates Steve Forbes and Fred Thompson, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and 22 current and former U.S. Senators and 20 current Republican members of Congress. Internationally, John has done work in Israel for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, The Conservative Party in the United Kingdom and for Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada.

All proceeds raised from the event on the 13th will go directly to funding the development of our new overseas voter registration platform which will allow Americans living overseas to register to vote with ease.


3 March 2016 – AVIPAC guest at ACA UK Townhall

AVI extends it gratitude to the American Citizens Abroad (ACA) for inviting us to speak at their UK Townhall Meeting. The members discussed the challenges of US tax law on American citizens living abroad and how it is impacting their ability to operate as an American abroad. ACA conducts valuable research on and advocacy for the concerns and needs of Americans living overseas. For more information on ACA visit:

1 March 2016 – AVI launches at Oxford University’s Rothermere American Institute

AVI is proud to launch at the Rothermere American Institute as our Chairman, Stacy Hilliard, participated in a Super Tuesday roundtable discussion on American voters overseas, in support of their report: America’s Overseas Voters: How they could decide the US Presidency in 2016


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