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ISIS: New threats to a Western Alliance – 13 July 2016

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Benjamin Hall’s book, Inside ISIS, The Brutal Rise of a Terrorist Army, which is based on his experiences of covering the frontlines in the Middle East for Fox News. In his book he states, ” we must not give them a semblance of a state – they are not a state, they are terrorists.  They are fanatics and there’s no room for them in todays world.”

Adding to the frame of the discussion from his book, “The story of ISIS is not just about vicious jihadis, or about Syria or Iraq or the Middle East.  It’s about a whole generation of chaos, a whole region in turmoil, and a whole world of threat.  It is a problem that will define the Middle East, and in turn the West, for decades, and it is one that must be addressed now.”

The discussion, and sometimes debate, was lively and engaging throughout. Both of the speakers are clear experts on the topic and were able to provide the audeicne with unique first-hand perspectives of ISIS warefare and engagement, as well as, policy making to tackle the rising threat.

The discussion covered the following:

  1. Who are we fighting?  Is it a snake with multiple heads?  Is their ideology unified?  Is their misrepresentation of Islam the real threat?  What is the common global understanding of the threat?
  2. Are the institutions we currently have in place – including NATO, the UN– sufficient or relevant to coordinate a global united consensus effort fight a non-nation state?  Are we operating with yesterday’s tools and approaches in a new theatre?
  3. Where is the political unified leadership on this issue?  Who is looking at the total picture here particularly with all of the competing issues in our country’s home fronts.  Who can lead a charge into a world quagmire we never envisaged?
  4. Are we facing immediate threats in Europe or the US from ISIS?

Benjamin Hall, author of Inside ISIS, The Brutal Rise of a Terrorist Army and Fox News Foreign Correspondent

Lady Caroline Dalmeny, Associate Fellow at RUSI and Founder and CEO of Lightning Tree, a strategic and defence advisory firm based in London.

Chair: Emily Landis Walker, Deputy Chair of AVIPAC, member of the 9/11 Commission and an international expert in risk and continuity planning

Event Details

Title ISIS: New threats to the Western Alliance
Date Wed 13 July 2016
Speakers Benjamin Hall, Lady Caroline Dalmeny & Chair -Emily Landis Walker

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