Frequently Asked Questions


What is AVI?

AVI stands for American Voices International. AVI is a PAC – Political Action Committee – registered with the US Federal Elections Commission (FEC Committee #: C00608711).

Is AVI a “Super PAC”?

No. AVI is not a “Super PAC”.

Is AVI affiliated with a political party?

AVI is an independent Political Action Committee and is not affiliated with any political party.

What is the purpose of AVI?

AVI provides a voice for Americans living overseas in Washington, D.C. through engagement with policy makers.

How does AVI provide a voice for Americans overseas?

Firstly, AVI is committed to registering Americans to vote to ensure they are provided the opportunity to exercise their democratic right.

AVI also, conducts events, online and in-person, with policy makers to share views and concerns of Americans living abroad.

Does AVI donate to campaigns?

Yes, based on our principles, AVI selects a slate of candidates which are then voted on by our donors.

Once selected, funds are disbursed to the campaigns until the maximum amount is reached, upon which another slate is selected.


Who can donate to AVI?

Only American citizens are permitted to donate to AVI.

Can foreign nationals donate to AVI?

Foreign nationals are not allowed to donate to AVI.

Foreign nationals are considered to be the following:

  • Foreign governments
  • Foreign political parties
  • Foreign corporations
  • Foreign associations
  • Foreign partnerships and

Individuals with foreign citizenship, unless they have “green cards” indicating they have been lawfully permitted as having residence.

How much can an individual donate/contribute to AVI?

An individual is allowed to donate/contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year.

Married couples each have individual $5,000 limits, even if only one spouse has an income.

How can I contribute to AVI?

Contributions can be made via check, electronic transfer or credit/debit card via AVI’s website.

Can I contribute in the name of another/for someone else?

Contributions by one person in the name of another are strictly prohibited, this means that no one may make or help someone to make a contribution in the name of another.

Can I make a cash contribution to AVI?

Cash contributions are limited to $100 or less.

Can I make an anonymous contribution to AVI?

Anonymous contributions are limited to $50 or less.


Can I volunteer my time with AVI?

Yes, AVI is built on the power of volunteers.

Do I need to make a donation to be considered to volunteer?

No. Volunteers do not have to make a donation to AVI.

Can foreign nationals volunteer their time to AVI?

Foreign nationals are welcome to volunteer with AVI, but may not participate in the operations of the PAC – including the selection of persons to run the PAC – or make decisions regarding PAC contributions or expenditures.

Paid for by American Voices International (AVI) PAC (FEC Committee Number: C00608711) and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.